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Cinque Terre

We at Schooling Shop provide a broad perspective above learning techniques in Schools, Colleges & Universities. The evaluation options contribute to the holistic success of the academia and helps the organisations achieve its Mission and Vision.

We have products that suits the day to day requirements of the School, Teaching staff, Management staff and most important the key stake holder Parents and Students.

Schooling Shop has plans to have a holistic 360-degree outlook on Educational products, We will not only stop at by supplying comprehensive software for Academia Management, we work on Cloud base Learning Application and other verticals which helps the Students and Schools to excel with a Systematic & Scientific way.

Vision & Mission


  • Enhancing the experience of Learning Globally
  • Simplifying the process scientifically with a customer centric approach.
  • Find all you need with US for your Educational Support
Cinque Terre


  • Information Data house for Educational Institute and Stakeholders
  • Catalyst Agents to Digital Education for Indian Market.
  • Lowest Pricing and affordable Educations products and support services.
Cinque Terre


  • Working with Schools and Higher Education Institutions as a partner for change and transition.
  • Truthful commitments and deliverables
  • Uncompromising Ethics


Vidya Desai

Principal, Somalwar School
Thank you so much for the program and all the previous help and support. We used LEARNect for the first time for our school from start to finish and it is awesome!!!

Anita Mishra

Principal, Orange City School
This is the type of program I have been looking for regarding sharing documents and easing my job as an Orange City principal. I found the program to be both efficient for the result management process as well as checking students into activities. I highly recommend LEARNect to schools. It makes learning easy and interesting.

Sunita Rai

Principal, Kendriya vidyalaya
We, thank the team at LEARNect, for introducing us to this software, LEARNect. We specially find the sharing platform very useful. The software is very simple to use, and with no time our teachers and student were able to use it. Special mention of the after sales service and the way they handle each problem professionally is worth mentioning.

Amruta Shukla

Principal, Guru Govind Singh School
LEARNect stand-out amongst all other software, which are mostly content based. Here teachers have the flexibility to create their own content. It has reduced much of our paper work and also the communication time. Parents are finding is very useful too, as LEARNect give a technological edge to their wards. Our best wishes to the team at LEARNect

Sonal Sharma

Co-ordinator, Priyadarshini School
Thank you LEARNect!!!! This is EXACTLY what my expectations were :) Thank you for your personalized customer service. I'm so glad we purchased this software and the result management, which is awesome by the way. I REALLY love your service!!!


Schooling Shop’s (CSR) business approach that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

We at Schooling Shop help underprivileged studies, by supporting Atma Foundation http://www.atmafoundation.org/

We at Schooling Shop believe in sustainable environment and we have a self-funded program on Planting and ASHOKA tree, this program is for Schools, Colleges, Households, Corporate office, we have a plan to plant 10000 for year one. This green project can be done through PPP model.

We at Schooling Shop believes in ancient studies of Sanskrit at Free of cost, it’s a self-funded program and thus we are planning to appoint Sanskrit teachers as freelancers and find some place and gap in the schooling system to give class on basic and advance Sanskrit…this can be done through PPP model.

For CSR project details reach out on schoolingshop@outlook.com

Our Team

Smitha Srikumar


Padmini Rakesh

Director – Marketing & Sales

Rakesh C

Director Technical – Cyberspace

S K Menon

Mentor - Pro Bono



  • Integrate the curriculum so that you can take time to slow down and explore topics in depth
  • Help students become critical readers, problem solvers, collaborators, and communicators
  • Make students more engaged, reflective and self-regulation
  • Get the most out of assessment during this era of high self-testing
  • Maintain high expectation from all students by modifying instruction to ensure progress
  • Communicate more effectively with families to build trust during a time of change and high-stake assessments.
  • Overcome obstacles, such as the emphasis on testing, the need for more technology, and finding teaches collaboration time.


  • Schooling App bridges all communication gap between the school, parents and students.
  • Schooling App is a platform for smooth, paperless, and real-time communication.
  • Class notes & reminders are communicating securely by school staff to the parents via mobile phones apps for schools thereby eliminates frustrations of notes being returned late.
  • School management will have complete access to features like student registration, staff registration, attendance management, teacher’s schedule, announcement from the school app.
  • Teachers would have access to their class schedule, attendance of students, exam schedule, mark sheet, and access to send information to parents.
  • Improved brand image of School & gets higher brand visibility.
  • Save communication cost & staff time for better use.
  • No restriction of data, they can send as many as pictures, files, PDF, Hyperlinks, etc.


  • Easy to communicate/connect with the school administration.
  • Easy to access the attendance records, result sheet, day to day activities.
  • Pay fees online.
  • Stay in touch with school management programs/ events.
  • Time saver, especially for both working parents.
  • Informs parents when events are rained out, or change in weather condition, thereby avoids frustration.
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere.


  • Motivation to perform better since parents can keep real time check on them through app.
  • No more ducking parents on school progress.
  • Application in education would make children more interactive & set off higher engagement between mother & father & children.
  • Availability 24/7. In contrast to college, cellular programs are available spherical the clock. App learning isn’t time bound getting to know, it's at ease learning.
  • Mobile learning procedure has sustainability. Finishing a lesson with an app is much more effective as it is mastering from experience as opposed to from compulsion.
  • It's portable. There aren’t any constraints for mobile telephones. They can be constant partners of mother and father and college students. Thereby apps are available to kids everywhere each time studying will not be confined to the school rooms.
  • Schooling App is the easiest way to boost your child’s learning & development skills with the help of Mobile Learning Module. It will help with child’s learning skills.
  • The introduction of applications in the education sector has led to the introduction of new learning methods. There are fun games available on mobile applications that indulge the students into a healthy thought process and help them understand things from a unique perspective.


India is a fast-developing economy, with a large and growing young population – which on one hand is its biggest advantage but on the other, could become a huge challenge if not harnessed appropriately. Quality and access to education is a major problem in India. Our education system focuses more on Rote based learning and no stress is given on hands on learning methodology. It lacks engaging, motivating and hands-on learning approach. Research aptitude not developed from an early age results in widening gap in available talent and industry needs/demands. No practical and hands-on experience restricts young minds. When we talk about 21st Century Education and key competencies the whole echo-system on an educational institution has to be attuned to that. The educational institutions need to evolve an environment which is conducive to learning, a safe well-arranged and well-maintained infrastructure which is suited not only learning but suited for developing community and social skills and also fosters innovation and creativity. Use of technology in everyday life is far greater than ever before and will increase many fold in the near future. Education leaders are waking up to the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education, use of technology and hands-on learning in primary, middle and higher education. Students must learn application of core STEM Concepts and acquire essential life skills in order to be successful in their professional lives.


Young children are natural learners whose minds are full of innovation and ideas, constructed by their own experiences with their environment. Science and Technology is for everyone. If it is taught properly with exposure to advanced practical at the early stage, will help in enhancing proficiency. Robotics is an excellent, multidisciplinary field to impart practical, hands-on learning to students to understand important core STEM subjects such as physics, mathematics, design, construction, structures, engineering and programming.

Our training programs inspires students not only to learn science and math in a fun manner but also reduce its complexities. It also leaves a seed of curiosity and interest for the students to explore and learn more in the field of robotics. There are enough resources, equipment’s and experienced trainers to support the classes. Our courses and training are designed in a way to reach the students of the age group 6-22 years. The courses cover various technologies and areas like; Robotics, Embedded Systems and Artificial Intelligence at theoretical and application level. We mainly provide trainings giving more importance for practical sessions along with theory. The activity based sessions will be interesting, innovative and also ensures their active participation.


The term “STEM Education” is being heard frequently nowadays in educational space. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is gaining popularity day by day owing to rapid advancements in these fields. Many studies confirmed that not only a majority of our future jobs would fall under this category but also many new jobs are going to be created in these fields. It is to be noted that STEM fields have equal effects on all other areas be it arts, humanities or any other field. In a world that is quickly evolving and inclined towards technology, STEM skills would be of great economic impact. At a crucial stage when Indian government is promoting initiatives such as Make in India, Skill India, digital India to encourage manufacturing, technology usage and skill development in the country, STEM is turning out to be an essential and integral component of our education.

However, when we look at the current Indian educational system, even from a very broad perspective, we clearly notice that we are far behind in adapting to the changes in global educational arena. Still today, a major emphasis on our school education system is learning through text book and in most cases, marks secured is the only criteria to assess the knowledge. Critical thinking, inquiry based learning and hands-on learning is something which is far from implementation especially in a majority of K-12 educational institutions. Curiosity, innovation and thirst for knowledge towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in kids can be encouraged by an early exposure to hands-on learning and practical knowledge in a more engaging and fun to learn environment. Once a kid develops a passion for STEM fields, it smoothens the decision-making process to choose a right field to pursue career. It will help to create great thinkers, innovators, engineers and scientists that our society and industry needs. As said earlier, it is needed for our future prosperity and to our nation in order to develop competitiveness and play a vital role in global economy.

Research shows that children are natural explorers and active participants in their own development, and that they are surprisingly sophisticated thinkers. Through a series of conceptual hands-on lessons, teachers will guide students as they learn important STEM content and investigative skills. Each unit design fosters cooperative learning and critical thinking. Trainers facilitate teamwork as students actively discuss their findings, record data and assess their understanding. STEM Robotics Academy is a place where students are intrinsically motivated, can develop collaborative behavior and succeed academically.

Frequent Asked Questions

Products :

All our product is tried and tested and are approved with major schools. Our partners for last 10 years are in Education Business.

Delivery :

All orders will be delivered between 7-14 calendar days after your order date.

All the faculty, management, students, parents and stakeholder will have 3 days training schedules on the usage and trial testing.

How do I Pay?

Invoice - If you have requested to pay by invoice, this will be sent to the email address given on your order shortly after your order has been placed. Please pay 50% as advance and the balance of your invoice with 30 days.

Card Payments – Your card will be debited once your order has been placed, please note that the transaction on your bank statement will appear as self help digital or Need2Know.

PAYTM / BHIM / SBI BUDDY Payments – Your transaction will be processed by Digital India platforms available and you will be sent confirmation of your payment by them shortly after you complete our checkout process.

What do I do about returns?

Full refund if the bought items are not satisfactory within 14 days.

Personalisation – Schools or Colleges :

We can sit and discuss if you need any additional modules to our existing package.

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